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My favorite films are sci fi movies like Super 8, E.T, and War of the Worlds. I love how those movies end with the main character looking up from earth, watching the alien leave, knowing it’s going home to somewhere we don’t understand, but it has left behind a feeling. A longing for home. As a filmmaker and photographer I want my work to leave people with a feeling in a similar way. After graduating from college, I began to find my path in the freelance videography world and created UFO Originals.


As I have grown, UFO.O has grown with me. From intern, to production assistant, to filmmaker, this brand has followed me as a social media profile, portfolio, and now production company. Along the way I have grown in my technical and creative skills, I bought better gear and created a strong portfolio; but all that wouldn’t matter if it weren’t for the people who believed in me. Of course I am thinking about family and friends but even more importantly, the clients who have taken me on for their projects. Without them, UFO.O would not exist. In the beginning, every new project that came my way was an opportunity to grow and I am determined to continue learning from every project I do. That is how I got to where I am and that is how I will get to where I want to be.


The future is exciting for UFO.O because it is no longer just me. A team is being formed under this brand so that more work can be taken on. We are motivated by the passion of others and look forward to all the future projects that come our way.


I couldn’t be more excited,


Nicole Gaffney


Director - Shooter - Editor

Theresa Romaniec


Production Assistant - Editor

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